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Is 3d Rendering taking over photography ?

3D rendering is one of the most useful tools to accelerate the development of products, but there is always a debate on the advantage of 3D vs photography. The main argument is whether a photograph is more pleasing than a 3D rendering, since all these tools are aiming to achieve the same goal.

As 3D rendering software grows more powerful and accessible, the lines between photography and 3D rendering are being blurred. 3D rendering software has its own unique benefits, and it’s a close match to photography in terms of the practice of capturing light, camera movement, and composition. But are these benefits enough to eclipse photography’s unique qualities? And how will the two mediums evolve in the coming years?

What is best for your business ? 3d Rendering or Photography ?

 3D rendering and photography are two arts that are completely different. Though they both use complex algorithms, the final results are different. Photography is the traditional form of capturing an image, while 3D rendering is a more modern form of creating an image.
The comparison should allow us to take better judgement as to which service to use.


    • Product or Packaging photography is quicker, either client ships the product to the photography studio or they come to your place to do the photoshoot of the products.
    • We get instant results with photography with minimal editing
    • We get huge images with photography
    • Setting specific lighting condition can be tedious and time consuming
    • Its difficult to get consistency across whole product range if photography not done one the same day.

3d Rendering

  • 3D rendering allows for the creation of amazing imagery of products even if they are not in existence. This can help businesses market their product more successfully.
  • We can Rendering product variation very quickly as compared to photography.
  • 3d Rendering is extremely useful for Furniture Industry as furniture 3D Rendering can be create with different fabrics combination on the same furniture which is virtually impossible in photography.
  • 3d Rendering is extremely useful for Furniture manufacturers since it totally eliminiates logistics, Furniture Manufacturers don’t need to send their furniture to Photography Studios nor Photographers don’t need to come for photo shoot, everything is don’t absolutlely virtually.
  • There are no limitation with 3d Rendering since any one across the globe can hire a 3D Designing company who can 3D Model and Render their 3d Furniture
  • Revisions with 3D Rendering is very quick, allows your to meet deadlines, you have complete control over lighting, environment, texturing, rendering output size.

Which one to use ?

Photography is a very powerful way to showcase a project, but 3D rendering has a lot more flexibility and impact. While photography can showcase a completed project, 3D rendering offers the ultimate flexibility, efficiency and impact. Its limitless scope and ability to incorporate changes and show a finished product at any point in the process make it an increasingly popular choice among real estate developers and investors.




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